Programmed Research

A01 Molecular and Cellular Foundations of Gravity Responses

Research Subject A01-1 Mechanosensing Mechanisms for Sensing Mechanical Stress Including Gravitational Changes
Research Group Leader
Keiji Naruse
Research Subject A01-2 Mechanisms of Mechanostress Transmissions from Nerves to Muscles - Metabolism and Adaptive Responses
Research Group Leader
Atsushi Higashitani
Research Subject A01-3 Understanding the Molecular Foundations of Load Dependency in the Development, Maintenance, and Atrophy of Skeletal Muscles
Research Group Leader
Atsuko Sehara-Fujisawa

A02 Influence of a Prolonged Stay in Space on Higher-order Homeostasis

Research Subject A02-1 Changes in the Cardiovascular Regulatory Mechanism due to Gravitational Variations and Confinement
Research Group Leader
Kenichi Iwasaki
Research Subject A02-2 Comprehensive Understanding of the Adaptive Response of Vestibular Plasticity and Strategies against Adaptation Disorders
Research Group Leader
Hironobu Morita
Research Subject A02-3 Elucidation of a Homeostatic Control Mechanism of a Mental State and the Autonomic Nervous System under Unexpected Stress
Research Group Leader
Ichoyo Matsuzaki
Research Subject A02-4 Development of New Strategies to Regulate Sleep/Wakefulness in a Hyper-stressful Environment such as a Spacecraft
Research Group Leader
Hiroshi Nagase
Research Subject A02-5 Comprehensive Understanding of Zero Gravity and Confinement Stress
Research Group Leader
Satoshi Furukawa

A03 Environmental Risks Expected in Space

Research Subject A03-1 Multidisciplinary Analysis of the Effect of Low Fluence Particle Radiation on Animals and Biological Adaptations
Research Group Leader
Mitsuru Nenoi
Research Subject A03-2 Acute Effects of Space Radiation with Different Radiation Qualities and Dose-rates
Research Group Leader
Akihisa Takahashi
Research Subject A03-3 Microorganisms in a Confined Environment
Research Group Leader
Masao Nasu