Activity report

22-23 Aug 2019

The 2019 1st Team meeting of "Living in Space" 2019 was held in Gifu.

The first team meeting of this year, which is the final year, was held in Gifu.
Each research group reported on the progress of research so far and shared the results obtained.
Lively discussions were held for the conclusion, and it was a fulfilling meeting suitable for the final year.
A poster session was also held at the same time, and the following people received the Excellence Award.

First Place University of Tsukuba Rutter Lindsay (Morita group)
Excellent Award Tomoaki Ichijo, Osaka Shoin Women's University (Nasu Group)
Yuki Kurozu, Showa University (Chaya Group)
Akihiro Tanaka, University of Tokyo (Kunieda Group)
Keita Tomioka, Hiroshima University (Miyamoto Group)

Meeting Host, Professor Hiroyuki Morita, Gifu University

Meeting Host. Gifu University Associate Professor Tsuyoshi Abe
25-26 July 2019

We held the 4th Young People's Association Summer Camp for "Living in Space".

The 4th Young Summer Camp was held at Kanpo-noyado Tokushima from July 25 to 26, 2019, with the theme of "hanging in space" hosted by Takayuki Uchida, a research collaborator of the Nikaawa Group.
Approximately 40 people participated in the meeting, including many young active researchers in various space-related fields had a lively information exchange.
Furthermore, at this meeting, Professor Hidehiko Agata (Associate Professor / Director of Extension Office, National Astronomical Observatory), Professor Keiji Fukui (former Japan Aerospace Exploration Forum), Professor Tatsuya Aiba (JAXA, Senior Researcher), and Professor Ryutaro Izumi (Graduate School of Nihon University) and four outside lecturers related to space research were invited to give lectures on their involvement in space research and development and messages to young people.
Based on these lectures, we will actively discuss what kind of issues human beings have in aiming for the Moon and Mars, and what they can do for that purpose, through poster sessions by young researchers and group discussions. As a result of rigorous screening in the poster session, the following three young researchers received the Excellent Award.

Excellent Award Yuichi Ooi, Space Medicine Laboratory, Industrial Psychiatry, Tsukuba University (Matsuzaki Group),
Kenta Takahashi, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ibaraki University (Nakamura Group)
Ayano Kato, Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, The University of Tokushima, (Nikawa Group)
15 Mar 2019

The International Symposium on LIVING IN SPACE 2019 was successfully held on March 15th, 2019 at Inamori-Hall, Shiran-Kaikan in Kyoto.

In the symposium with a secondary title "from basic biology to the MOON, MARS and beyond", nine invited speakers presented hot research topics which provoked active discussions with 174 participants, including visiting researchers from overseas countries.

Dr. John Charles, NASA emeritus
09 Mar 2017

An International Symposium on LIVING IN SPACE 2017 was held on March 9th, 2017 in Hitotsubashi Hall in Tokyo.

The symposium was opened to the public. And international researchers and students from all over the world participated in it. Speakers gave presentations on newest investigations followed by lively discussion with the participants.

15 Jul 2015
The second management group meeting/conference was held at JAXA Tokyo Office.
02 Jul 2015
The first management group meeting/conference was held at the Tsukuba Space Center.